About us

The family business was founded in 1901. Since its early beginnings as a traditional scrap merchant, the company has developed to become a modern, nation-wide recycling and industrial enterprise. As of 2022, our plants are recycling an annual volume of approximately 250.000 metric tons of scrap metal, and our workforce totals around 115 employees.

Recycling and production process

Over the years, Hellik Teigen AS has consistently promoted the use of new technology to increase efficiency and ensure an optimal recycling rate for the benefit of society and the environment alike. Norway's first shredder plant was established in Hokksund as early as 1977. Since then, we have continuously invested in cutting-edge recycling technology, so as to maintain our leading position in the industry.

The company's facilities currently include three shredding plants and two large stationary scrap shears, in addition to several state-of-the-art sorting plants. Scrap iron and metals delivered to our plants are sorted, cut or crushed. Mixed metal fractions are processed in a shredding plant that crushes the material and separates the scrap into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. The non-ferrous fraction is further processed in our sorting plants, where the metals are separated into cleaner metal products. A residual fraction is also separated for delivery for energy recovery. The end-products are primarily delivered to smelting plants in Europe and Asia. In this way, we ensure optimum recycling rates.

Products and services

Our suppliers range from Norway's largest industrial enterprises to smaller businesses and private individuals. Our plants handle a wide variety of metal, including scrap iron, copper, aluminium, brass, nickel alloys and EE waste. The materials are transported to our facilities, where they are sorted and processed into valuable secondary raw materials. We offer competitive prices on most ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The company is also a contractor within dismantling of industrial buildings and structures made of steel. Our plants in western Norway are designed to accommodate and scrap large offshore structures and ships, and we have extensive experience in this type of work.

Logistics and machinery

Logistics are a key aspect of our operations. We have several ISPS-certified ports at which products can be shipped in and out. We also have a large fleet of trucks in continuous operation to provide our suppliers and customers with containers and other equipment, and to transport raw materials to and from our plants. In addition to our stationary plants, we have an extensive fleet of cranes, wheel loaders, mobile shears and other equipment that serve all our operations.

Environment - HSEQ

Hellik Teigen AS is certified under NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 and NS-EN ISO 14001:2015. The company's main focus is on recycling scrap metal in an environmentally-friendly, safe and efficient way. Our quality assurance system and our employees' experience and expertise enable us to deliver product quality tailored to customer requirements. Substantial investments are made every year in our plants to minimise the risk of adverse impacts on the external environment and to ensure a good, safe working environment.


Contact information

Hellik Teigen AS
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3301 Hokksund

Tel: +47 32 25 27 00
E-mail: post@hellik-teigen.no

Managing Director: Ring Tore Teigen, rtt@hellik-teigen.no
Commercial Director: Bjørn Rabo, rabo@hellik-teigen.no